DORIT MIELKE interface design

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2007, Mai

– Pattern Library, Smartphone Application,


Deutsche Telekom Laboratories 


The FHP's part in the Easy2Use-project was the concept and the prototypical realisation of an overarching device-independent interactions logic for the services provided by Deutsche Telekom AG.

As a result of the project we produced a "White Book" that helps product managers, developers, designers and usability experts to develop future services more efficiently and also allows the evaluation of existing services with regard to cross-platform consistency.

Project 1:
Easy2use – Development of an interaction pattern library with the aim of developing unified user experience.

Duration: 2006/04 - 2008/02

My Role:
Describing Pattern, final-art-work of the "White Book"

Team: 4

Project 2:
Business Control – Conceptual design of cost control service for smartphones.

The Business Control application is a tool that allows T-Mobile clients to control the costs of their employees' mobile devices.

Our part in this project was to design and develop a web-based cost-control-system presented as a flash-demonstrator. We had to design for two platforms - the website and the mobile device.

Duration: 2007/04

My Role:
Designing concept as wireframes, designing user interface / screen design, designing demonstrator, presentation, writing storyboard, project management


with Moritz Stefaner, Fabian Hemmert, Volker Max Meyer, Mi Lee, Daniela Bowitz, Jörg Deutschmann