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2010, March

– Bachelor Thesis, Interaction, User Observation, Wireframes, Visual Design, Documentation

Bachelor Thesis with the topic „Patternset of new interface possibilities for household appliances, presented through the example of an induction hob“ in cooperation with Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group

Duration: 2009/08 - 2010/03

When you think of your last cooking experience, what comes to mind? Probably there was one problem or another. Inefficient functions on the hob made your progress slower, ingredients got scorched while you were busy in preparing other things. The recipe is so far away from your countertop that you have to run through the kitchen all the time. Into this total chaos a helping hand enters - but which task can you get rid of so that it really helps you?

Such a situation really cries for improvement. And it also displays how complex it is to cook. Many tasks are performed nearly simultaneously and you often get feedback just in the form of a bad smell or the sizzle of a pot boiling over. To integrate possible helpers or co-cooks is very complicated, so that often the german proverb "too many cooks spoil over the broth" comes to truth.

A situation like this was the starting point to my search for new interface possibilities for household appliances, especially for induction hobs. My focus was to design an interface that supports automated assistance, that enables cooking with multible cooks and also allows using the hob in a classical manner like a cast-iron range.

Here you can take a peek at my BA thesis in cooperation with Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group. More details about this project will be available in a personal presentation.

Team: 1