DORIT MIELKE interface design

selected projects




2006, Mai

– installation, interactive, nature, designmai


Free Project @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 

2005/09 - 2006/05


Flüsterwald is an interactive sound installation, shown at designmai 2006 30 fir trees stand in a circle, creating a glade. Inside the trees are speakers that play back Statements and quotes about Design relevant topics. A carpet of sound is created. In the clearing a terminal waits to be contacted by the visitors. It's asking questions about design, urbanity and the woods. Once a question is asked the visitor can answer using the built-in microphone. The carpet of sound disappears and after after a few seconds the just-pronounced answer is broadcast through the speakers. Now your answer returns as an echo from the wood. After a while the previous answers come together to form a new wall of sound. The active visitor has the feeling of having become a part of a public opinion and seeks himself in the forest of diverse opinions - the wood of whispers.

My Role: 
research, concept, project management


with Sebastian An, Steffen Fiedler, Veronika Gabler, Mi-Ran Jun, Timm Kekeritz, Jonas Loh, Golo Schmeh