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this is interactive

2007, Mai

– Installation, Bluetooth, Visual Design, Concept


Free Project @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 



"this is interactive" is a visual and interactive installation of mobile communication. "this is interactive" monitors every bluetooth user, identifies him and projects his mobile identity for everybody to see into the room.

The users should find themselves on the screen and be able to identify others as well. They also should be encouraged to change their mobile names to transform their digital identities.

The installation was an interactive exhibit during the conference »Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign« in the foyer of the Hans-Otto-Theater in Potsdam.  The installation consists of a large screen, a projector and a bluetooth equipped server unit. Once a visitor passes the server, the system automatically recognizes his bluetooth activated devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones and notebooks. Their parameters become visualized onto the screen showing the name of the device, the time of passing the server and, if it occurred, the number of returns.

In addition to the former installation "From Dusk till Dawn" where we used a similar set up, we displayed also the previously-given device names, so that the users were able to write small stories by changing their names.

My Role: 
research, concept, visual design


Interdisciplinary team with Volker Max Meyer, Steffen Fiedler, Stephan Thiel, Clemens Bühling