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From Dusk till Dawn

2006, August

– Installation, Bluetooth, Award Winning, Visual Design, Concept, Public


Free Project @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 



"From Dusk Till Dawn" is an interactive installation of mobile communication networks in public space dealing with the invisibility as well as unknown transparency of the users.

From Dusk Till Dawn consists of a large screen visualisation display, a set of video projectors and a Bluetooth enabled Server Node. Passing the Server Node, Bluetooth activated devices like Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and Notebooks are identified by the System, processed and their parameters visualised on the screen.

When people pass the installation their mobile device (if bluetooth is activated) is caught by the tracking server. It then is displayed as a unique creature on the display, showing the name of the device, the time of entering the tracking radius and the number of times a device/user has entered and exited the area.

The 10-digit mac-address is transformed into a unique creature that symbolizes the device on the display.

Something we hoped to get our visitors to do was to communicate via changing their device names. As they did this, they became much more enthusiastic in taking part in the installation.

My Role: 
design resarch, creating mock-ups and prototypes, interaction concept, visual design

Interdisciplinary team with Volker Max Meyer, Leopold von Bismarck, Stephan Koch, Clemens Bühling, Steffen Fiedler and Christian Ruppert.